Thursday, 7 August 2014

Role and Application of Digital Moisture Meter in Foodgrain Procurement

Role of Digital Moisture Meters in Foodgrain Procurement
Usually in food grain business , the farmer expects a higher price for his grains at the time of selling and do not wish to be cheated by the procurers while on the other hand  the procurers or purchasing agencies would not like to pay for poor quality grains with higher moisture content which would result in losses during milling & warehousing subsequently .Therefore the need to check the moisture content of their grains accurately becomes more than necessary. The procurement agencies as well as farmers need to know the correct moisture content for the cereals like wheat, rice, barley etc which is later on essential for the drying process of these grains. The lesser the moisture in grains, more will be the drying quality of them in the later processes.  
For yielding more of your farming results detecting the right quality grains is the key factor and for that you have to know how much moisture the grains have. The maximum optimization and utilization of your farm's yields depends just upon your choice of moisture testers.
A wide range of Digital Moisture Meter is available now a day is which can be used depending upon the application and crops whose moisture content is to be measured. Digital Moisture Meters always show the accurate and repeatable results to help you in increasing your profitability. The quality results helps in generating a near to perfect review about your yields. They come in various types - Cost intensive, Field Grain Moisture Testers or Lab Moisture Meters. For applications that require the procurer to move to the mandi/grain market or farm, light weight instruments should be chosen which are easy to carry and give accurate and reliable results. These kind of Grain Moisture Testers are available in various models with many additional features to suit various needs and for applications like Food grain processing , Milling and Warehousing that require more accuracy and reliability, Lab Moisture Meters should be used which comes with features like computer interfacing and printing facility .
Correct sampling of food grains using the scientific techniques, Grain Inspection and Grading instruments like Sampling Probes, Triers , Seed Dividers, etc before moisture content measurement using a Digital Moisture Meter  plays an important role along with correct choice of Digital Moisture Meter depending upon the application and the crop.

Digital Moisture Meters assist you to detect the right amount of moisture this further helps the farmers to sell his yield to gain maximized profits out of his sale. Moisture detection plays a key role in your profit hiking. All this can only be achieved by choosing the right instrument according to your needs. Check our complete range of Digital Moisture Meters, Grain Moisture Tester and Lab Moisture Meters to choose the right one for your application.